16. September 2018
In my opinion it is dangerous only to look for strategic investments that seem to be a perfect match at first sight. I would like to make it clear with this example. Does anyone remember the messenger service ICQ ? Founded 1996, ICQ was acquired only after two years by AOL. AOL paid $407 Million! By the way with said I would like to point out that AOL itselft has sunken into meaninglessness and is somewhere “hidden” in the portfolio of Oath Family being a Verizon company. In 1998 AOL...
06. September 2018
Why innovation by acquisation is an essential for survival. Just one week ago chairman Zielke pointed out the importance of digitisation, speed and the need of grabbing opportunities. Besides he mentioned that size doesn`t matter any more. I am totally with him. But this is the same bla bla bla, outworn words and bullshit bingo like it used to be. But now it is way to late for commerzbank to turn around, because the race to the bottom is about to speed up.
19. August 2018
Everyone is talking about innovation, co-innovation, innovation hubs, Innovation accelerator, reinvent, bla bla bla. I can`t hardly stand it anymore. But what is reinveting or innovation? I am really fed up with this innovation bullshit bingo. In the following I would like to explain „radical“ innovation with great examples like Miley Cyrus and netflix.
01. August 2018
Gute Nachrichten für Tesla , BYTON & Co. Die Bundesregierung hat ein Förderprogramm auf die Strasse gebracht in Form einer milliardenschweren Förderung von Elektroautos, die als Dienstwagen genutzt werden.
22. Juli 2018
BP, SHELL and other moldy oil and gas companies starting to acquire smart cleantech companies like Sonnen or Chargemaster. This is a giant threat to ulitly companies.
10. Juni 2018
It was a pleasure to join the NOAH conference in Berlin again. Connected leaders hits the bulls eye and is definately not overrated.
26. Mai 2018
Happy to announce that I am going to be Keyonte Speaker at VDI Smart City Conference Munich 09. September 2018.
12. Mai 2018
enera: Der nächste große Schritt der Energiewende. "Wir sprechen mit dem jungen Serial Entrepreneur über seinen beruflichen Werdegang und darüber, wie Startups und deren Denke, den Energiemarkt revolutionieren können."
08. April 2018
I am happy to announce that I am going to be one of the Business Mentors and Business Angels at Go! StartUp Zentrum Oldenburg. We are accelerating StartUps in the field of Energy, Healthcare and Climate protection.
15. März 2018
Join our "Ethereum Camp" in March, 2018 in Berlin (Germany) focusing on connecting Ethereum to real IoT products. We provide Raspberry Pi and HiKey hardware sets, sensors, actors, physical products and teach you coding and how to program it — you develop Ethereum smart contracts, implement IOTA, connect real products and code a frontend. From a business model perspective, this can yield endless possibilities.

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